Rocketship Education and its Response to Media

According to an article on, Rocketship Education administration was not impressed by NPR’s unbalanced profile about the charter network. The story by NPR covered alleged malpractices of the network, but has largely been criticized by Rocketship supporters and journalist for its lack of balance and breadth. Also, the NPR piece has been criticized for failing to paint the network’s complete and fair picture. To begin with, the author of the story claimed that it was an “in-depth” coverage of the network’s internal practices and yet it did not compare Rocketship Education with other neighboring schools for readers to have a balanced view. The report only relied on the network’s problematic practices to bring out a story that was completely out of context. In fact, it was quite evident that other charter networks also face similar challenges.

According to Richard Whitmire, a long-term Rocketship author and journalist, other school networks have ritualistic protocols, tight discipline, high pressure, and long hours like Rocketship Education. Therefore, it was unfair for NPR to only target the Rocketship Network in its reporting. It was quite evident that NPR was out to destroy the network’s impressive reputation. The practices are not in any way unique to Rocketship Education as the NPR piece tried to portray. In fact, Whitmire signaled out Success Academy and KIPP as other charter school networks with similar practices to Rocketship Education. The network has always received a lot of attention after its decision to adopt a tech-heavy model. Therefore, the narrow nature of the piece makes the story to lose its credibility. The article constantly referred to Rocketship Education as a “company” in order to portray it as being privatization-oriented or commercial.

Rocketship Education Bio

Rocketship Education is a network of non-profit charter schools based in California. The network was established in 2006 by Preston Smith and John Danner, but the first school was opened in 2007 in San Jose. The charter schools were formed to serve disadvantaged communities in the country. Currently, the network has over 13 schools with close to one thousand employees. The network relies on grants from well-wishers to fund its activities hence providing low-income students with an opportunity to get an education.

How Organo Gold Differentiates From The Competition

Organo Gold is a Richmond, BC-based company that sells its products through a direct marketing network. They sell mostly tea and coffee products although they do have some personal care products as well like toothpaste. How they differentiate themselves from all the other coffee and tea brands out there on the market is that theirs are infused with mushroom powder, in specific Ganoderma mushrooms. Read the reviews at

Drinking coffee or tea with a fungus in it can seem like a rather odd decision at first glance. However, this particular mushroom has been used in traditional Asian medicine since around 2000 BC. Bernardo (Bernie) Chua is one of the co-founders of Organo Gold and grew up in the area in China where Ganoderma mushrooms are grown and harvested. Studies into these mushrooms indicate it has high levels of anti-oxidants which has health benefits. Visit Bizfluent to know more about Organo Gold.

In the first year of Organo Gold being in business they sold $2 million worth of products. This increased to $9 million in the following year, $40 million the year after that, and more than $100 million in the next year. In 2013 they sold $215 million worth of tea and coffee products.

Organo Gold has been expanding internationally since 2014. They now have executives in countries like Singapore, Peru, Japan, and a number of Southeast Asian nations. They have independent contractors who sell their products in these countries as well plus others around the world. Organo Gold has a compensation plan that gets better as their independent contractors sell larger quantities.


Drew Madden Innovative Policies Needed in Lowering the Cost of Healthcare

The healthcare sector in the United States occupies a situation where no one understands whether to appreciate the services offered or complain about the high cost. Although the services provided are professional and patients have been reporting positive outcomes after receiving medication in the country, the cost of drugs remains high. Statistics indicate that patients in the state are spending roughly $3 trillion for treatment purposes. However, life expectancy in the United States remains lower than in other countries which are paying much lower money than us in their healthcare industry.

Improving healthcare industry in the United States is not a natural step but it severe and complicated actions need to be undertaken to streamline the complex challenges that face us. One of the factors that should be implemented is the complete adoption of technology in our systems such that we hospitals can be able to store all records of an individual. This will help in determining the illness history of a person while comparing with those of the family members or people living in a specific region. Therefore, an information database program needs to be developed so that we can treat people comprehensively and help them cut the cost of healthcare.

Consulting experts like Drew Madden is one of the critical steps that we should start in finding the cure for inflated healthcare services in the country. Drew Madden is an IT expert who has worked with various organizations such as Nordic Consulting, Cerner Corporation, and Evergreen Healthcare Partners. His knowledge in information technology programs will go a long way in improving our systems such that they are modern and capable enough to store information about illnesses facing our country.

Innovative programs will highlight where we have been overspending and where we need to invest while focusing on a long-term strategy of reducing the cost of healthcare in the country. Currently, the sky rocking health costs and the prices demanded prescription medicine leave a lot to be desired. Innovative policies will need to be implemented as soon as possible before some of the low-income earners start experiencing hardships in accessing the already expensive healthcare plans.

The Chainsmokers Takeover Has Begun

The Chainsmokers are taking on the EDM scene with a string of hits. They have cornered the market and become major producers that have a lot to say. They have stated in interviews that they are not actual Chainsmokers, but they thought it was a catchy name. So far it is a name that has continued to stick around as the powerhouse duo when it comes to music production.

The Chainsmokers are becoming one of the more powerful production teams because they bring the pop sound that urban producers have typically been known for. With a vibe that crosses into a sound that is somewhat like Timbaland and or Pharrell The Chainsmokers have crossed into electronic music with bass heavy arrangements. With hits like “Closer,” “Roses” and “Sick Boy is it easy to see how The Chainsmokers became the leaders of pop culture. This is the duo that has managed to become one of the more popular acts that have taken over EDM.

The formula that the Chainsmokers created for their sound would be a bit different because it would be something that was out of the ordinary. They would do more than create beats. They would enlist talent like Halsey to show off their sounds. They would also sing on their own tracks. Now they are also showing their fans how they make their tracks.

This may be one of the most interesting things about The Chainsmokers. They have made millions, and they have not even been in the music business very long. They tour the world right now with now, and it all started with the “#Selfie” song in 2014. This would be the pathway to their “Bouquet” EP that would turn up the heat even more. That would all prove to be the start of continuous hits. With a tour that extends from Las Vegas to Quebec it is rather easy to see how this group has manage to gain such a large following. People that are into the EDM scene cannot overlook The Chainsmokers because they have essentially take over this genre with a recognizable sound.


The Transformation of OSI Industries from Otto & Sons

OSI Industries is a privately owned multinational company that supplies meat products to both retail and food service industries in the United States and the world as a whole. The company has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. Moreover, the foodservice company has also partnered with leading food brands to serve their customers all over the world. OSI industries operate in 17 countries and it has 65 facilities globally. It has more than 20,000 employees and its establishment is entrenched in the American immigrant experience in the 20th century.

Immigration into the Unites States of America was common in the 20th century. Otto Kolschwsky was one of the immigrants belonging to the German-immigrant community that settled in the city of Chicago. During that time, German immigrants made up a quarter of the population of Chicago, Illinois. Otto Kolschwsy opened a retail meat and a butcher shop in Oak Park to serve his community. He was a good businessman and within ten years, he expanded his retail mea shop into a wholesale business. Additionally, he expanded his operations by opening another meat retail shop in Maywood in the Chicago suburb. The business expanded in the next decade and in 1928 it was rebranded as Otto & Sons. Otto & Sons remained stable and successful even after the Second World War and to know more

With the economic revolution and advancement during the postwar economic period, two small families entered in a business alliance. In 1955, Ray Kroc founded the McDonald restaurant in Des Plaines. Kroc was still a franchise agent for a couple who owned a restaurant in Illinois. Prior to establishing his McDonald restaurant, Ray Kroc entered a handshake agreement with Arthur and Harry, the sons of Otto Kolshowsky. The agreement made Otto & Sons the franchise supplier of McDonald. Kray later on became the CEO of McDonald and within a short period of time, Otto & Sons started supplying foodstuff to all the McDonald restaurants that were sprouting in the region.

Otto & Sons were charged with the task of supplying the McDonald’s restaurants with food products on a regular basis. The flash freezing process that is cost effective in freezing food products came to the aid of Otto & Sons. The technological advancement allowed the company to consistently supply products to its customers. The company was able to make more profits and in 1975 it changed its name from Otto & Sons to OSI Industries. OSI Industries has grown since then into the leading food retailer in the planet.


The continued flourishment of The Chainsmokers in the music industry

The Chainsmokers is regarded as the one of the fastest growing music band in the Music industry. It consists of two outgoing DJs namely Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. Before Alex Pall joined the group, it was made of Andrew Taggart and the former DJ Rhett Bixler who after leaving the group, Alex was informed by a friend about the opportunity at the Chain Smokers, and moved to New York where they met with Taggart. The two partners had the same interests, and they were both hardworking and committed individuals. This is what has kept them growing and successful over the years.


The Chainsmokers have made a significant number of achievements since they started their band. One of their accomplishments is the production of some songs which are a must listen to many people in the world. Examples Of their songs include ‘selfie, Roses, Don’t let me down’ among others. Besides, they also award winners, for instance, they won the Grammy Award for the best dance recording, and they are also winners of a couple of American Music Music Awards as well as the iHeart Music Awards.


Alex Pall’s passion in music started way back in his young age, and he used to present his songs in high school which created confidence in him that he can make if he put more efforts to build his career in the entertainment industry. Andrew Taggart too began having the interest for music when he was young meaning that the two formed a perfect match. They have now learned how to target a large number of the audience starting from the young people to the old people in the society. In one of their interviews, they say that they have had the urge to increase the number of the audience since it’s not like in school where they used to target the high school students.


Early this year, they also attended the Annual Granny Awards ceremony, and they have also released their new song ‘Somebody,’ and they also give a tutorial on how the song was made. The chainsmokers are continuing to build their popularity and identity in the industry as they continue to work hard and dream for higher achievements in their career.

Dick Devos – article recap

There is no questioning the fact Dick and Betsy DeVos generate an ample amount of curiosity as well as attention for their sizeable contributions to different groups that work in politics. Dick DeVos is the husband of the new Secretary of Education appointed by Donald Trump: Betsy DeVos. In the DeVos family, the husband, Dick, is also none other than Richard DeVos’ son, founder of the private sales company Amway and Dick DeVos also has the 88th most substantial American fortune according to Forbes, with 5.4 billion dollars.


Dick DeVos founded the West Michigan Aviation Academy. This school is a charter school. In 2010, Betsy DeVos worked together with Dick DeVos, and they also created the American Federation for Children, which she ran until 2016 and through which she promoted charter schools. Charter schools are publicly funded private schools. Asked by a Democratic senator during the confirmation hearing, the soon-to-be Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos refused to make a clear commitment not to cut the public education budget or to privatize public schools.


Senators listened to Betsy DeVos at her confirmation hearing in Washington, D.C. The new Secretary of Education did not give much detail on her roadmap, but it is clear that she has gained much experience from working with Dick DeVos to found the West Michigan Aviation Academy. The reason why Dick and Betsy DeVos support the founding of charter schools is that they want to give parents a choice in education. Remember, Betsy DeVos, as Secretary of Education, has the responsibility to try to determine how to improve America’s educational system.


Dick DeVos is actually at the present moment the chief executive officer of his very own company, The Windquest Group. The Windquest Group is a business based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The Windquest firm controls many other companies, such as an organization called Boxed Water is Better, the Coppercraft Distillery, along with the Stow Company. An aircraft pilot as well as a self-described aircraft nerd, Dick DeVos did not possess much expertise working with commercial airlines at the time he was requested to put in place a plan to take control and deliver Southwest flights to the Grand Rapids’ airport.


The Grand Rapids’ airport has a problem in that the flights that are departing from this airport are a great deal more expensive than the flights that depart from neighboring airports. Therefore, anyone who wants to fly out of the Grand Rapids’ airport has to pay a premium to be able to board their plane from Grand Rapids rather than another airport nearby. Dick DeVos has also worked to raise funding for many different civic constructions that were built in the downtown Grand Rapids area.


When it came time to raise this funding, Dick DeVos managed to obtain upwards of 130 million dollars for these buildings. Therefore, Dick DeVos has the experience needed to be able to work together with others to acquire funding for projects built in the Grand Rapids area.


To learn more, visit

Bruno Fagali on Cigarettes Regulations in Brazil

The government of Brazil has been striving towards a higher rate of manufacturer transparency and responsibility, and one of the focuses falls on cigarettes which have always been a highly discussed topic in that context. Lawyer Bruno Fagali who is the founder of the Fagali Advocacy writes for his website and distinguishes the context in which cigarettes have been widely discussed in court recently and what is mostly discussed, aside from the health issues caused by the product. He explains that in Brazil, the problem can be summed up with the word ”additives” while in the United States of America, the problem is that is vastly discussed is advertising and the millions of dollars that are funneled into promoting that type of product.

Recently, the Brazilian STF has been working towards having Anvisa issue an order that prohibits flavor additives and other flavorings in cigarettes as they believe that the flavorings serve to distract consumers from the health risks of smoking an that should not be hidden behind flavor additives. The efforts were successful and so the country of Brazil is the first to be prohibiting the use of any flavor additives in cigarettes. That eliminates 121 additives for the products altogether.

Bruno Fagali then places the United States of America in contrast. Millions of dollars are funneled into advertising, but recently it was issued that four large manufacturers will be becoming an integral part of the anti-smoking campaign along with media sources and more.

The Fagali Advocacy details a wide spectrum of news in law and various legislation’s that are enacted in Brazil as well as across the world. The law firm was started up in 2016 and is under the leadership of its founder Bruno Fagali. He started forming his own presence in law early on in his career. He started out in 2006 while having his bachelor’s education in Law. Then he specialized in Administrative Law at the same institution and moved on to have his master’s degree in Law. Bruno Fagali graduated last year.

Bruno Fagali is currently a part of the nova s/ b and is practicing independently as well.

Madison Street Capital – A Professional In Financial Banking

Professional Pipe, Inc. Receives Advice From Madison Street Capital Regarding Its Majority Revitalization By KJM Capital, LLC, Chicago, LLC.


On April 12, 2018, the worldwide financing, banking company, Madison Street Capital became an exclusionary counselor to Professional Pipe, Inc. on the majority Revitalization of its company by KJM Capital, LLC. Professional Pipe, Inc. installs and design process piping to manufacturing companies. This includes the population’s biggest processors of poultry. The CEO of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway made the announcement regarding the transaction. Lester Rodgers, the Senior Managing Director also spoke about the transaction, but they did not release the terms of the venture.


According to John Tyson, President of Professional Pipe, Inc. it was a lengthy and difficult enterprise, and they are thankful for the council and advice given by Jay Rodgers and the Madison Street Capital team. Without the advice from Madison Street Capital and its staff, this transaction could not have happened.


Kenneth Meister of KJM Capital, LLC stated that they are happy with the partnership and with the team at Professional Pipe, Inc. to carry on its accomplishments in the administering process piping supply to the refrigeration and food production. Kenneth Meister continues by saying that their goals for the future are to become a leader in the industry.


Jay Rodgers congratulated Professional Pipe, Inc. for being a wonderful team. He states, that the company has been consistent in their excellent performance for more than 40 years. Aligning entrepreneurs with a strategic partner that is right for them is part of their goal. By teaming up with KJM Capital in their relationship with the industry and their years of experience will propel Professional Pipe, Inc. to newer and greater heights.


Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital is a worldwide banking company. They handle investments and are devoted to being a leader that offers great service in giving advice to financial companies. They are experts on acquisition and merger services which they provide to companies that are private and public. They give opinions on financial matters, valuation services with excellence, and focus on integrity and leadership.


The services Madison Street Capital provides to their clients allow the clients to become successful in the worldwide marketplace. When the client takes on a new enterprise, the objectives, and goals of the client become the same for Madison Street Capital. This includes giving the client financial advice and profitable capital rises to ownership transfers and Mergers and Acquisitions transactions. Madison Street Capital was founded by Charles Botchway and Anthony Marsala in 2005. The company is located in Chicago, Illinois, in the United States. They have 250 employees who are highly skilled, professional and experienced in the field of finance, banking, venture capital and financial services.


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The Palestine Doctor Dr. Saad Saad history and achievements.

Dr. Saad Saad is a renown Pediatric surgeon. For over four decades, he has created a name for himself after performing numerous successful surgeries on children from all over the world. During his stay in New Jersey, he became a part of Medical Missions. These missioned were purposed to assist children who could not afford better medical care get the health care they needed. He is a proud owner of two medical projects and a pioneer of better surgical practices.

While growing up, Dr. Saad aspired to follow his elder brothers’ footsteps. He wanted to become an engineer, just as they were. He was raised through the hot summers of Kuwait and attended school in the same region. Engineering requires one to endure hot sun for long periods of time. Dr. Saad could not imagine working in such conditions and decided he needed to pursue an indoor career. That is how Dr. Saad’s pursuit towards medicine started. Becoming a surgeon was inspired by the cool operating rooms with air conditioning, something he wished for in a workplace.

Dr. Saad was born in Palestine. He has eight siblings. Amongst his siblings are the two engineers mentioned earlier, two other surgeons, two intellects and a teacher. He is an alumnus of Cairo University, from where he got his bachelor’s degree in medicine. He came from a not well-off family, and this acted as a motivation for him to work harder in the medical school. During his studies at Cairo University, he saved up and went to the United States to take a scholarship exam. He excelled in his exams and was allowed to practice in the states once he had his degree. He got an opportunity to undergo internship in England, and afterward, he proceeded to the United States for residency, after which he became a certified surgeon.

Dr. Saad was granted an opportunity to work in Saudi Arabia. This offer was given unto him because he was the only one qualified for the specific position and because of his eloquence in both English and Arabic. At first, he expected the opportunity to be challenging, but on arrival, he was warmly welcomed. He was treated with high esteem. During his work in Saudi Arabia, he got the chance to serve the Saudi Arabian Royal Family and earned their trust in the process. He stayed in this part of the world for almost half a decade. He was also able to pass down his medical knowledge to a group of surgeons in the area.

Dr. Saad has drastically improved surgical technologies. Instead of resorting to using the traditional surgical procedures and instrument, he decided to make improvements in whichever process he could. He has brought two significant projects to life. These are the catheter with new technology and a suction endoscope. His newly catheter is different from the conventional catheters in that it came together with a tracker that enabled its location in one’s body all the time. The suction endoscope, on the other hand, is different from then normal ones in that, while the normal ones needed to be used side to side with a suction tube to aid clear its way, his endoscope has an inbuilt suction technology. Learn more: