Upworks Tips On How To Supercharge Your To-Do List

In today’s freelancer market, having a to-do list that ensures you can effectively meet deadlines is imperative to your success. If you’re having trouble designing an effective to-do list, listed are ten powerful tips to supercharge your list and further your freelancing career.

Write Down Everything

The creator of the GTD Method, David Allen, encourages entrepreneurs to write down everything. While this may seem like a rather silly request, the psychological phenomenon known as the Zeigernik Effect proves otherwise. For those unfamiliar with this term, it means that incomplete tasks will continue to go through your head until you write it down. Once something is written down, our brains take the liberty to forget about it.

Prepare Your To-Do List The Night Before

Going through your email periodically and preparing your to-do list in advance is the key to starting off your morning productively.

Put All You Essential Tasks In One Place

In our modern day of interactive calendar’s and instant messaging, keeping all of your essential tasks in one place seems impossible. Limiting yourself to one to do list app for your iPhone or Android device is a great idea for keeping all of your tasks in one portable location.

Applying Time Attributes

Most people use some sort of task list, whether online or offline but most don’t incorporate one thing that will make them super productive, specifying time attributes. Time attributes include adding essential elements to your scheduled tasks like when you will start and how many hours each task will take. Adding time attributes like this forces you to accurately plan how to execute a specific task rather than hoping it will get done.

Understanding Your Priorities

No matter who you are or what you’re doing one thing is certain, nothing ever goes according to plan. Unexpected circumstances always show up for which we must be prepared. Understanding this allows you to prioritize your tasks. If something absolutely must get done, then schedule it as a top priority.

Never Stop Reevaluating

Procrastination isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it can actually help you as one of your most powerful productivity techniques. The Pareto principle states, 80% of the value you generate comes from 20% of your activities. Get in the habit of focusing your time on the tasks which matter the most.

Don’t Stress Over Delegation

Applications like Clickup grant you the capability of converting a comment to a task using its assigned comments feature. This is by far the easiest way to delegate to others.

Learn How To Zoom In And Zoom Out

Sometimes it feels like our to-do lists can be overwhelming, the answer to this problem is to Zoom in and Zoom out. Zoom in to break up larger tasks into smaller ones and zoom out to evaluate your tasks in the context of your larger goals.

Understanding The Batch Process

Most factories use what’s called batch processing to bundle all the work under the same category together. ClickUp grants users the capability of adding a tag to work within the same category so you can easily search and manage your tasks.

Assigning Appropriate Energy Levels

Some tasks require much more concentration than others, meaning we should choose our tasks based on our energy levels. ClickUp’s tagging feature allows users to assign energy levels to their work assignments.

Implement these 10 strategies and watch your productivity go through the roof! Use tools like ClickUp to your advantage when scheduling tasks and you’re sure to hit your goals.

Malcolm CasSelle and his team at OPSKins develops WAX, a secure online exchange platform

The gaming industry has experienced a lot of transformation over the past few decades. The latest development in this industry is the emergence of virtual reality gaming. Figures in the public domain indicate that there are more than 400 million people who actively participate in virtual reality games across the world.

The sector is now worth about $50 billion. A lot of companies are taking advantage of the increased popularity to develop platforms where gamers can access gaming assets such as the virtual game gear. These platforms have been subject to cyber attacks from individuals seeking to steal these digital assets.

Malcolm CasSelle, a renowned web developer, realized spotted the opportunity in the industry and developed a platform that guarantees security while transacting online. The global decentralized platform, which is known as Worldwide Asset Exchange specializes in virtual assets used in online games.

WAX is completely decentralized, and it provides an opportunity for anyone seeking a virtual marketplace for virtual game assets. The team behind OPSkins is the same that developed WAX. The platform is expected to serve more than 400 million people from across the globe that enjoy online games and engage in selling, collecting or buying in-game items.

WAX is a platform that offers millions of people an opportunity to have a secure virtual store in a decentralized platform. WAX seeks to restore trust, security and offer instant payments to millions of gamers in the growing ecosystem.

The brains behind WAX

As highlighted earlier, the team that developed WAX is the same team that was behind OPSKins. However, the man at the center of operations is Malcolm CasSelle, a renowned digital entrepreneur. Malcolm is a long-time advocate for the digital currencies such as bitcoin. In 2015, Malcolm CasSelle co-founded OPSKins, which quickly grew to become one of the biggest platforms accepting bitcoins.

After successfully launching OPSKins, Malcolm and his team of developers launched WAX, which has also gained a lot of popularity. Currently, Malcolm serves as the CIO of OPSKins. Previously, Malcolm served as the CTO and president of Tribune Publishing. The new platform by Malcolm CasSelle has proven to be essential for online gamers since it eliminates transaction fees when buying digital tokens and also removes the question mark during online transactions.

Robert Deignan grabs technology by the horns

Before co-founding and being the CEO of ATS Digital Services in August 2011, Robert Deignan was the Executive President for iS3 from June of 2002 to June 2011. He also graduated from Purdue University in 1995 with a Bachelor’s in Science for Business Management.

Technology has undoubtedly become a central part of many lives in different societies around the world. These advancements have led to vast changes in the medical field and the retail world among many other places. In spite of its beauty, there’s also an ugly side to technology as it consumes people constantly on their phones.

Robert Deignan conceived ATS Digital Services out of the need to help people who have technological issues. With customer service at the center of his focus, him and his staff has helped millions with their tech-related needs. Here he runs off three ways to have a positive experience with technology.

Separating from technology isn’t the idea but being consumed by it can distract and things like social media help with that. However, Robert suggests that this can change through curbing heavy digital connection and being more effective outside of it. This can lead to higher productivity.

Technology persuades our brains to absorb information through a screen. Again, this can prove distracting when constantly checking it for something whether it’s emails, text messages or whatever else grabs our attention. Despite this, Robert says that taking in information through reading, for one, can be better for critical thinking and other things.

Technology is not entirely a consuming experience but smartphones do provide that singular, all-encompassing immersion. Companies rely on consumers to be fully invested in their products for reasonable success. Though Robert Deignan does depend on this for his own success with ATS Digital Services, he does state that using technology in great moderation can be the most beneficial to us.


Nick Vertucci Has Overcome Plenty To Get To Where He Is Today

Nick Vertucci is a real estate expert who recently authored the book “Seven Figure Decisions,” which is about the kinds of decisions that make people millionaires. Vertucci lost his father when he was younger and struggled to make ends meet early on in his life. After creating a successful computer company that crashed when the dot com bubble burst, he was forced to start over from scratch. He decided to attend a real estate seminar where he began his journey down the road of making a healthy living through real estate.

Nick Vertucci eventually partnered up with a couple of men who were also working in the real estate investment sector. He ended up putting together a three-day cash flow class with his partners and helped a lot of people in the process. As time went on, he became close friends with his partners but ended up completely surprised when they burned him later on down the road. It was during a time when one of his partners was not earning as much as he had hoped that he began to work with the other partner to cut Vertucci out of the business. Eventually, he was cut out of the business, and this changed the way he looked at dealing with partners permanently.

After a period of recovery, Nick Vertucci picked himself up and decided to move on. He tried working with another partner initially but was encouraged to go into business for himself by running real estate investment seminars and training sessions. This is exactly what Nick Vertucci ended up doing. He had realized during his time off that what he loved to do was teach people directly. That was how he learned about the world of real investing in the first place, and now, he continues to pass his knowledge on to others.

Big Changes For Alex Pall

Growing up in New York, Alex Pall developed an interest in music at an early age. AS time passed, this interested turned into a favored hobby and something that he became very passionate about. Involved in the musical scene in the state, Pall became a musician in his own right and DJed at various locations as he further developed his passion for creating dance beats and electronica. It wasn’t until Pall was introduced to Andrew Taggart that he realized that what he loved so much could become more than just a hobby, but a career. Having tried to balance his budding music career with his job, upon meeting Taggart, Alex Pall realized that maybe he could finally quit his job and pursue what he was truly interested in. This is exactly what happened when the pair met; their lives changed forever.

Taggart, who also grew up with a passion for music was in much the same position as Pall, albeit he was a resident of Maine and went about making his name known there. After their introductions, Taggart made the decision to move to New York to work together with Pall. The years following this have seen the duo produce many songs, each moving high on the charts than the previous. The group who dubbed themselves “The Chainsmokers,” became widely known in a relatively short amount of time for their masterfully crafted electronic an synth music, and the lyrics that they produced to go along with them. In the beginning, the pair chose not to sing themselves, instead opting for requesting other artists to provide the vocals for their tracks. Recently this has changed as The Chainsmoker work to find their individual musical identities with Taggart actually singing the songs they write. The duo still work with other artists such as Halsey, effectively adding to both their fame and the fame of those who join them to produce their tracks.



Who Is Louis Chenevert in the Business World?

Born and raised in Montreal, the city of saint-chrome has grown to be among the most influential people in the world. UTC is a company that deals with the research and production of high-tech products. Chenevert’s foresight and amazing contribution to the business not only kept its success, but also founded it as a front-runner in innovation. Louis Chenevert has guided UTC to make environmentally friendly and environmentally conscious products as they understand the needs.

Louis is a business owner located in Canada, who has had important jobs in some of the biggest global businesses.

Louis Chenevert is widely recognized as some of the most famous entrepreneurs of our time. In fact, he thought that Larsen was so strongly that he had hired him to lead the company’s trade in the aviation system for UTC. UTC has grown to a larger extent, has gained even greater traction in the aviation sector, and today offers complementary products from Goodrich acquisitions that have not been able to deliver before. In addition to sailing, Chenevert has devoted his time to the medical community of the center and has become president of the Advisory Board.

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If you are really concerned about your staff, have a big-income company and you don’ t have to spend any more cash, you could make an associate science program. With a few years of experience in the medical field – both as a professional and as an administrator – Erica has a unique view of the healthcare sector.


Jeunesse Luminesce Skincare Line Restores Radiance and Youthful Appearance

Jeunesse Global uses the Y.E.S. System, otherwise known as the Youth Enhancement System to combine the benefits of advanced medicine and skincare. The entire system is a delicately balanced system of skincare and supplements to help you reach your skincare goals while providing you with more energy.

They have 9 vital product lines that focus on different things. The luminesce line is focused on providing antiaging skincare to rejuvenate the skin. This restores the youthful radiance and vitality to the skin that has lost some of its elasticity. Luminesce is a complete skincare line that reduces wrinkles and fine lines while exfoliating the skin to create a radiant glow.

The complete Luminesce line has eight products to help you get the most and they are the most effective when used as an entire line. It contains the youth-restoring cleanser which uses hydroxyl acids to wipe away congestion in the skin and removing buildup from the pores. This is followed by the cellular rejuvenation serum that provides enhanced APT-200 in a high concentration to reduce the look of wrinkles in your skin. It is full of vitamins and antioxidants to protect the skin from free radicals. You can then follow up with the daily moisturizing complex during the day to protect your skin from sun damage. This SPF 30 cream moisturizes the skin by adding a lightweight facial lotion to the sunscreen. It is also formulated with APT-200. At night, you use the advanced night repair to rejuvenate the skin while you sleep. This night cream is also full of the patented APT-200 to deeply hydrate the skin and reveal a more youthful appearance. It is full of antioxidants to replenish the skin from the pollutants and stress of everyday life. The line also comes with a body lotion called the essential body renewal. This lotion is a lightweight formula that provides lasting hydration because it is filled with fruit and legume extracts. You can also use the Luminesce ultimate lifting masque to peel away the dead skin from the surface of the epidermis. This will provide a deep cleanse while brightening the skin to create a youthful glow.


Jason Hope pursues greatness

Jason Hope can be described in different ways because of his undertakings. He is a philanthropist, an entrepreneur, an investor and a futurist who believes people should live their lives well through different advancements. He is actively involved in various issues in the society and is passionate about different things happening in the community today. He also takes his time to help others and donates money not only to those with entrepreneurial spirits but also to those who are struggling in their lives.

Jason Hope has been successfully investing in startups. It is the best opportunity for those who can come up with innovative ideas to gain the support they need. You need to have a business model and a strategy that can be successful in a competitive environment. The business environment today is highly competitive and without the right skills and without developing a plan succeeding in your business would be difficult. That is why Jason Hope is interested in technology because he discovered that it has a future and there are chances of excelling. He ventured into mobile communication and started a company. He is also experienced in business, and he has used this experience to make a positive impact in the society. For more info connect with Jason on linkedin

Jason Hope is also in the healthcare sector where he is interested in various scientific processes. He has been donating to the SENS Foundation to help scientists who are studying the antiaging process. The foundation is concerned with the development of procedures that can deal with illnesses that are associated with the senior people. The scientists at the foundation have been happy with the support they get from Jason Hope. They say he has helped them to break the barriers on the way and they are expecting best results.

Jason believes that the aging process can be combated through thorough research and human intervention. That is why he has been donating money to this organization because he thinks they will achieve their goals as long as they have the right funding. Hope wants the healthcare industry with the common illnesses that affect aging people. With the right technology and dedication, he believes these illnesses can be cured, and people can live healthy lives.

Read more: https://ideamensch.com/jason-hope/



James Dondero of Highland Capital Puts Priority On Dallas Community

James Dondero of Highland Capital Management is a successful businessman that is just as interested in using his business acumen to benefit his local community as pursuing capital gains. Dondero makes sure that in his role as the chief executive officer and president of the Dallas-based company that he included charitable pursuits as an integral part of company operations from the beginning. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

Dondero has himself been a resident of Dallas for more than 20 years now since he and Highland Capital co-founder Mark Okada made the decision to relocate the headquarters of the company from Los Angeles to the city of Dallas. Since this time, Dondero has focused his company’s philanthropical efforts on his local community.

One particular project of interest for James Dondero and Highland Capital Management is the Towers School Program at Southern Methodist University, named in the company’s honor, that provides support to undergraduates pursuing degrees in political and international affairs that have demonstrated exceptional achievement.

Highland Capital gifted $2 million to the program and James Dondero explains that initiatives designed to transform education are a major focus of Highland Capital’s charitable giving program. He also expressed his admiration for the work done by SMU in the community and commends them for the opportunities the school provides to students to meet and interact with national and global leaders.

Since the program’s inception, SMU has graduated its first class of Towers Scholars from the Highland Capital Management Program and they are a source of pride for Dondero as he has watched closely as they have gone on to launch successful early careers in the fields of their choice in some cases, and for others, their academic excellence has continued in the pursuit of higher degree opportunities.

Read: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=2159086&privcapId=37846394

About James Dondero

James Dondero is the co-founder of Highland Capital Management, a company that has earned the distinction as the largest collateral manager of collateral-based loans in the United States based on dollar amount. Mr. Dondero possesses more than 30 years of experience working with credit markets and is also both the chief executive officer and chairman of the board for Highland Capital Management Acquisition Company. Follow James on Linkedin.

Begin Your Upolu Adventure At Fagali’I Airport

Fagali’I Airport is not exactly a well-known transportation hub, and it most certainly isn’t one of the largest in the world. In fact, it is little more than a regional airstrip sitting at the western end of the island of Upolu. Don’t let the small size and obscure location fool you, however, if you are traveling through the Samoan Islands you will want to make sure that Fagali’I is on your itinerary, not because it is especially remarkable but because it is your gateway to a different kind of island vacation.

Upolu is the smaller of the two largest islands in the archipelago, and home to more than 135,000 people. The capital city of the island is Apia, which is on the northern coast. According to accuweather.com, Apia is the largest community on the island and is where you will find most of the larger hotels, and the majority of the main attractions. The most notable of this is the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum, which is located at the writer’s former home, a large mansion on the edge of town. Apia is also where you will find the cathedral of the immaculate conception of Mary, a church considered by many to be the most beautiful in the south pacific.

Read more on Encontreomedico.com.br

In the area surrounding the Fagali’I Airport you will also find a wealth of things to do. The smaller villages and medium-size town in the area provide access to incredible cuisine, pristine beaches, and of course cultural activities that truly embody the history and lives of the Samoan people. Make sure that you visit the Samoan Cultural Village, as well as take a trip to see some of the stunning waterfalls and sea pools in the area according to lonelyplanet.com.

No trip to Samoa would be complete without at least a day or two on Upolu and Fagali’I Airport makes that easy. With inter-island service all over the archipelago as well as international connection service to Pago Pago and American Samoa, flights are easy to find. The airport itself has in recent years undergone a major renovation, moderation, and expansion that provides a myriad of services and features that you normally would find only at major international hubs. The trip between the airport and the populated areas is also easy to accommodate thanks to the economical and abundant taxi service offerings.

Learn more about Fagali’I Airport: https://www.booking.com/place/ws-1307199.pt-br.html