How Organo Gold Differentiates From The Competition

Organo Gold is a Richmond, BC-based company that sells its products through a direct marketing network. They sell mostly tea and coffee products although they do have some personal care products as well like toothpaste. How they differentiate themselves from all the other coffee and tea brands out there on the market is that theirs are infused with mushroom powder, in specific Ganoderma mushrooms. Read the reviews at

Drinking coffee or tea with a fungus in it can seem like a rather odd decision at first glance. However, this particular mushroom has been used in traditional Asian medicine since around 2000 BC. Bernardo (Bernie) Chua is one of the co-founders of Organo Gold and grew up in the area in China where Ganoderma mushrooms are grown and harvested. Studies into these mushrooms indicate it has high levels of anti-oxidants which has health benefits. Visit Bizfluent to know more about Organo Gold.

In the first year of Organo Gold being in business they sold $2 million worth of products. This increased to $9 million in the following year, $40 million the year after that, and more than $100 million in the next year. In 2013 they sold $215 million worth of tea and coffee products.

Organo Gold has been expanding internationally since 2014. They now have executives in countries like Singapore, Peru, Japan, and a number of Southeast Asian nations. They have independent contractors who sell their products in these countries as well plus others around the world. Organo Gold has a compensation plan that gets better as their independent contractors sell larger quantities.