Louis R Chenevert- The Productive President, Chair and CEO of Several Companies in the USA

Louis Chenevert is currently the chief executive officer (CEO) and also the chairman of United Technology Corporation. He is a graduate from University of Montreal’s with a degree in bachelor of business commerce. His home country is United States of America Farmington region in Connecticut location. He is mostly based in the east coast of New England in the united states.

In April the year 2008, Louis Chenevert was chosen as the president of United technology corporations. Later on, in January the year 2010, he has added on top the seat as the chairman of the same company. Before he was elected as the president and chairman of the united technologies, since March 2006, he has always held the seat of the president and the chief operating officer in the same company. Nevertheless, from April 1999 all the way to March 2006, he has been the president in Pratt and Whitney company.

On before he joined the Pratt and Whitney company, Louis Chenevert was the general manager in General Motors. He joined general motors in the year 1993 and he worked there for about 14 years. In Business Roundtable, Louis Chenevert is also a member of the executive committee. His work there is chairing fiscal policy and tax committee. In addition to that, he is also a member of the business council and also a member of the “US-India Forum”.

In Cargill company, which is the “congregational medal of honor foundation “, Louis serves in the desk of the board of directors. However, the Chairs “Yale cancer center Advisory board”. Chenevert was also introduced as a member of AIAA which is the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. He also holds a place in the university he schooled in as the chairman in the university`s international advisory board. He is the founding director and also leads the board of directors in the University of Montreal (HEC).


Louis Chenevert has a very strong personality as far as leadership and management is concerned. This has enabled him to secure very senior positions in several companies as seen from the biography.


Igor Cornensel the Investment Guru

Igor Cornensel was brought up in Brazil, which makes him a native of South America. He also studied in Brazil for all levels of his education where he developed a lot of interest in the investment sector of business. In line with his passion, Igor Cornensel came up with his own company, whose primary mission was to help in giving investors long term investment strategies.

His organization is based in the Bahamas, and it is the Bainbridge Investment Incorporation. Before he came up with his organization, Igor Cornensel worked, or some investment firms in Brazil and his work were quite commendable.

At a particular time in his corporate banking career, Igor Cornensel was even recognized among the top bankers that had helped in the structuring of the economy in Brazil. Moreover, Igor helped other investors in their critical decision making processes especially when their companies were in risky financial situations.

Igor Cornensel was at some point overwhelmed by working in the banking sector as well as the investment sector. He, therefore, decided to quit banking so that he could pursue only the investment industry. It was at this point that he came up with his investment company, having learned what most investors were in need for.

He is renowned for being among the investment advisors that advocate that people invest in declining stocks and then selling them when the market stabilizes.

The investment guru however recently retired so that he could spend more time with his close family and friends.

Most times, he plays golf in South Florida as a hobby and also to help him in passing the time. He still gives investment advice from time to time as he always is equipped with experience in both the investment and banking sector. It is right to conclude that his life is a beautiful story worth reading.