Mathew Fleeger Incorporates Strategic Planning as Pivotal in Success of Gulf Coast Western Limited


Strategic planning is an important skill to a business leader because it helps in strategy formulation, implementation and evaluation. It is through strategic planning that Mathew Fleeger has been able to push the needs and interests of Gulf Coast Western, an oil and gas exploration company, covered. In every business, planning is an important recipe for success. There is no company that can succeed without planning in advance on how to handle various aspects of the business and how to move forward in general.

As the president and the chief executive officer of Gulf Coast Western Limited, Mathew Fleeger is involved in the daily operations of the company. This means that he understands the challenges and opportunities that the field experts gets to experience as they continue with their research and exploration activities. By being in direct contact with the workers, Fleeger is able to formulate various strategic plans that will see the company maximize on the opportunities available while at the same time minimizing exposure to risks.

One of the strategic plans that Mathew Fleeger has been able to formulate and implement at Gulf Coast Western is the use of advanced technology in oil and gas exploration. It is important to highlight that a considerable number of companies have been using old technology to explore gases and oils. This is a strategy that has been adopted with the aim of lowering exploration expenses but it has proven not reliable as it has very low output.

Besides incorporating technology in the operations of Gulf Coast Western Limited, Mathew Fleeger has been pivotal in engaging other related and unrelated businesses in the entire industry. He is focused on ensuring that there is a good working environment that can support the operations of any company. This explains why Joint Venture has been able to enter into agreements with various oil and gas exploration companies in the United States.

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