The Academy Of Art University Is The Only Higher Arts Institute To Incorporate NCAA Athletics

The fine arts have expanded greatly with the rise of technology and greater institutions like the Academy Of Art University. Located in San Fransisco, the Academy Of Art University is a private art school that was founded back in 1929 by Robert Stephens, except it was an art advertising school back then. Today, the academy has roughly 12 thousand annual students with a staff of nearly 1500, including full-time and part-time teachers.

As of 2016, the Academy Of Art University has an acceptance rate or 100 percent with open admissions for everyone. The main campus of the institute is located in the South Market district on New Montgomery Street and remains one of the largest property owners in the entire state of California.

The reputation of the Academy Of Art University grew over the years, but it wasn’t until Robert Stephens daughter took over the institute in 1992 that it became really popular. The number of students before her presidency was around two thousand, and within 20 years she managed to bring that number up to 18 thousand.

Currently, the Academy Of Art University maintains roughly 25 different subjects to study with the capacity to offer associate, bachelors, and master’s degrees to its students. A few of the courses are available as online courses only to students as well.

Unlike the other one thousand plus other higher art institutes in the United States today, the Academy Of Art University has incorporated athletics alongside art and proudly accepts students who want to pursue both. Students compete in the NCAA Division II and are known as the ART U Urban Knights. A total of 16 teams make up the Urban Knights and includes baseball, soccer, track and field, golf, softball, cross country, tennis, and volleyball, both for men and women.

The Academy Of Art University first incorporated its athletics program in 2007, and by 2012 the Urban Knights joined the NCAA Division II as full members. Both art and athletics are complementary to each other and give students the ability to prepare for success on many levels later in life, thus the institute has decided it will remain a core part of the university.

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