Ara Chackerian Breaks Through Healthcare and Tech

Ara Chackerian is a renowned entrepreneur living in San Francisco, California. He is currently the general partner at Limoapa Teak, the Director at TMS Health Solutions, and sits on the Board of Directors at PipelineRx. Ara went to Florida State University, acquiring a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing.

Bridging healthcare and tech

The philanthropic entrepreneur is actively involved in transforming healthcare services through technological interventions. He invests in healthcare start-ups that envision the revolution of the sector. Transcranial stimulation is Ara Chackerian’s innovation. The technique aims at easing various mental health disorders.

Ara is passionate about the youth and the environment. He looks forward to an era in which most health solutions are eco-friendly and provide vast employment opportunities for young adults and youths. A typical venture that caters for both of these concerns is his Limoapa Teak farm in Nicaragua. A good number of youths are employed there. Then again, the farm uses agricultural techniques that protect rather than degrade the natural environment.

The Idea behind TMS Health Solutions

Ara states that the organization stems from a spirited effort to provide efficient solutions in the psychiatric sector. While exploring other areas to build experience in, a long-term partner suggested treating depression. Transcranial magnetic stimulation was the first device they chose to explore hence the birth of TMS.

Sufficient market research suggested that transcranial magnetic stimulation would perhaps rise into the three pillars in psychiatric care, joining talk therapy and medication. The treatment delivered great results especially for patients with great depressive disorder, at least for a start.TMS had been approved by the FDA in 2008, but there was little awareness of the treatment. Some of the challenges the technique faced in its inception are:

  • The scarcity of skilled personnel makes it hard to hire and retain operational staff
  • Limitations in insurance cover policies
  • Challenges in coordinating the venture

Ara Chackerian intended to create a solution that is patient-centered. This came to life in TMS Health Solutions.

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