Igor Cornensel the Investment Guru

Igor Cornensel was brought up in Brazil, which makes him a native of South America. He also studied in Brazil for all levels of his education where he developed a lot of interest in the investment sector of business. In line with his passion, Igor Cornensel came up with his own company, whose primary mission was to help in giving investors long term investment strategies.

His organization is based in the Bahamas, and it is the Bainbridge Investment Incorporation. Before he came up with his organization, Igor Cornensel worked, or some investment firms in Brazil and his work were quite commendable.

At a particular time in his corporate banking career, Igor Cornensel was even recognized among the top bankers that had helped in the structuring of the economy in Brazil. Moreover, Igor helped other investors in their critical decision making processes especially when their companies were in risky financial situations.

Igor Cornensel was at some point overwhelmed by working in the banking sector as well as the investment sector. He, therefore, decided to quit banking so that he could pursue only the investment industry. It was at this point that he came up with his investment company, having learned what most investors were in need for.

He is renowned for being among the investment advisors that advocate that people invest in declining stocks and then selling them when the market stabilizes.

The investment guru however recently retired so that he could spend more time with his close family and friends.

Most times, he plays golf in South Florida as a hobby and also to help him in passing the time. He still gives investment advice from time to time as he always is equipped with experience in both the investment and banking sector. It is right to conclude that his life is a beautiful story worth reading.

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