Upworks Tips On How To Supercharge Your To-Do List

In today’s freelancer market, having a to-do list that ensures you can effectively meet deadlines is imperative to your success. If you’re having trouble designing an effective to-do list, listed are ten powerful tips to supercharge your list and further your freelancing career.

Write Down Everything

The creator of the GTD Method, David Allen, encourages entrepreneurs to write down everything. While this may seem like a rather silly request, the psychological phenomenon known as the Zeigernik Effect proves otherwise. For those unfamiliar with this term, it means that incomplete tasks will continue to go through your head until you write it down. Once something is written down, our brains take the liberty to forget about it.

Prepare Your To-Do List The Night Before

Going through your email periodically and preparing your to-do list in advance is the key to starting off your morning productively.

Put All You Essential Tasks In One Place

In our modern day of interactive calendar’s and instant messaging, keeping all of your essential tasks in one place seems impossible. Limiting yourself to one to do list app for your iPhone or Android device is a great idea for keeping all of your tasks in one portable location.

Applying Time Attributes

Most people use some sort of task list, whether online or offline but most don’t incorporate one thing that will make them super productive, specifying time attributes. Time attributes include adding essential elements to your scheduled tasks like when you will start and how many hours each task will take. Adding time attributes like this forces you to accurately plan how to execute a specific task rather than hoping it will get done.

Understanding Your Priorities

No matter who you are or what you’re doing one thing is certain, nothing ever goes according to plan. Unexpected circumstances always show up for which we must be prepared. Understanding this allows you to prioritize your tasks. If something absolutely must get done, then schedule it as a top priority.

Never Stop Reevaluating

Procrastination isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it can actually help you as one of your most powerful productivity techniques. The Pareto principle states, 80% of the value you generate comes from 20% of your activities. Get in the habit of focusing your time on the tasks which matter the most.

Don’t Stress Over Delegation

Applications like Clickup grant you the capability of converting a comment to a task using its assigned comments feature. This is by far the easiest way to delegate to others.

Learn How To Zoom In And Zoom Out

Sometimes it feels like our to-do lists can be overwhelming, the answer to this problem is to Zoom in and Zoom out. Zoom in to break up larger tasks into smaller ones and zoom out to evaluate your tasks in the context of your larger goals.

Understanding The Batch Process

Most factories use what’s called batch processing to bundle all the work under the same category together. ClickUp grants users the capability of adding a tag to work within the same category so you can easily search and manage your tasks.

Assigning Appropriate Energy Levels

Some tasks require much more concentration than others, meaning we should choose our tasks based on our energy levels. ClickUp’s tagging feature allows users to assign energy levels to their work assignments.

Implement these 10 strategies and watch your productivity go through the roof! Use tools like ClickUp to your advantage when scheduling tasks and you’re sure to hit your goals.

Malcolm CasSelle and his team at OPSKins develops WAX, a secure online exchange platform

The gaming industry has experienced a lot of transformation over the past few decades. The latest development in this industry is the emergence of virtual reality gaming. Figures in the public domain indicate that there are more than 400 million people who actively participate in virtual reality games across the world.

The sector is now worth about $50 billion. A lot of companies are taking advantage of the increased popularity to develop platforms where gamers can access gaming assets such as the virtual game gear. These platforms have been subject to cyber attacks from individuals seeking to steal these digital assets.

Malcolm CasSelle, a renowned web developer, realized spotted the opportunity in the industry and developed a platform that guarantees security while transacting online. The global decentralized platform, which is known as Worldwide Asset Exchange specializes in virtual assets used in online games.

WAX is completely decentralized, and it provides an opportunity for anyone seeking a virtual marketplace for virtual game assets. The team behind OPSkins is the same that developed WAX. The platform is expected to serve more than 400 million people from across the globe that enjoy online games and engage in selling, collecting or buying in-game items.

WAX is a platform that offers millions of people an opportunity to have a secure virtual store in a decentralized platform. WAX seeks to restore trust, security and offer instant payments to millions of gamers in the growing ecosystem.

The brains behind WAX

As highlighted earlier, the team that developed WAX is the same team that was behind OPSKins. However, the man at the center of operations is Malcolm CasSelle, a renowned digital entrepreneur. Malcolm is a long-time advocate for the digital currencies such as bitcoin. In 2015, Malcolm CasSelle co-founded OPSKins, which quickly grew to become one of the biggest platforms accepting bitcoins.

After successfully launching OPSKins, Malcolm and his team of developers launched WAX, which has also gained a lot of popularity. Currently, Malcolm serves as the CIO of OPSKins. Previously, Malcolm served as the CTO and president of Tribune Publishing. The new platform by Malcolm CasSelle has proven to be essential for online gamers since it eliminates transaction fees when buying digital tokens and also removes the question mark during online transactions.

Robert Deignan grabs technology by the horns

Before co-founding and being the CEO of ATS Digital Services in August 2011, Robert Deignan was the Executive President for iS3 from June of 2002 to June 2011. He also graduated from Purdue University in 1995 with a Bachelor’s in Science for Business Management.

Technology has undoubtedly become a central part of many lives in different societies around the world. These advancements have led to vast changes in the medical field and the retail world among many other places. In spite of its beauty, there’s also an ugly side to technology as it consumes people constantly on their phones.

Robert Deignan conceived ATS Digital Services out of the need to help people who have technological issues. With customer service at the center of his focus, him and his staff has helped millions with their tech-related needs. Here he runs off three ways to have a positive experience with technology.

Separating from technology isn’t the idea but being consumed by it can distract and things like social media help with that. However, Robert suggests that this can change through curbing heavy digital connection and being more effective outside of it. This can lead to higher productivity.

Technology persuades our brains to absorb information through a screen. Again, this can prove distracting when constantly checking it for something whether it’s emails, text messages or whatever else grabs our attention. Despite this, Robert says that taking in information through reading, for one, can be better for critical thinking and other things.

Technology is not entirely a consuming experience but smartphones do provide that singular, all-encompassing immersion. Companies rely on consumers to be fully invested in their products for reasonable success. Though Robert Deignan does depend on this for his own success with ATS Digital Services, he does state that using technology in great moderation can be the most beneficial to us.