Nick Vertucci Has Overcome Plenty To Get To Where He Is Today

Nick Vertucci is a real estate expert who recently authored the book “Seven Figure Decisions,” which is about the kinds of decisions that make people millionaires. Vertucci lost his father when he was younger and struggled to make ends meet early on in his life. After creating a successful computer company that crashed when the dot com bubble burst, he was forced to start over from scratch. He decided to attend a real estate seminar where he began his journey down the road of making a healthy living through real estate.

Nick Vertucci eventually partnered up with a couple of men who were also working in the real estate investment sector. He ended up putting together a three-day cash flow class with his partners and helped a lot of people in the process. As time went on, he became close friends with his partners but ended up completely surprised when they burned him later on down the road. It was during a time when one of his partners was not earning as much as he had hoped that he began to work with the other partner to cut Vertucci out of the business. Eventually, he was cut out of the business, and this changed the way he looked at dealing with partners permanently.

After a period of recovery, Nick Vertucci picked himself up and decided to move on. He tried working with another partner initially but was encouraged to go into business for himself by running real estate investment seminars and training sessions. This is exactly what Nick Vertucci ended up doing. He had realized during his time off that what he loved to do was teach people directly. That was how he learned about the world of real investing in the first place, and now, he continues to pass his knowledge on to others.

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