Drew Madden Innovative Policies Needed in Lowering the Cost of Healthcare

The healthcare sector in the United States occupies a situation where no one understands whether to appreciate the services offered or complain about the high cost. Although the services provided are professional and patients have been reporting positive outcomes after receiving medication in the country, the cost of drugs remains high. Statistics indicate that patients in the state are spending roughly $3 trillion for treatment purposes. However, life expectancy in the United States remains lower than in other countries which are paying much lower money than us in their healthcare industry.

Improving healthcare industry in the United States is not a natural step but it severe and complicated actions need to be undertaken to streamline the complex challenges that face us. One of the factors that should be implemented is the complete adoption of technology in our systems such that we hospitals can be able to store all records of an individual. This will help in determining the illness history of a person while comparing with those of the family members or people living in a specific region. Therefore, an information database program needs to be developed so that we can treat people comprehensively and help them cut the cost of healthcare.

Consulting experts like Drew Madden is one of the critical steps that we should start in finding the cure for inflated healthcare services in the country. Drew Madden is an IT expert who has worked with various organizations such as Nordic Consulting, Cerner Corporation, and Evergreen Healthcare Partners. His knowledge in information technology programs will go a long way in improving our systems such that they are modern and capable enough to store information about illnesses facing our country.

Innovative programs will highlight where we have been overspending and where we need to invest while focusing on a long-term strategy of reducing the cost of healthcare in the country. Currently, the sky rocking health costs and the prices demanded prescription medicine leave a lot to be desired. Innovative policies will need to be implemented as soon as possible before some of the low-income earners start experiencing hardships in accessing the already expensive healthcare plans.

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