Begin Your Upolu Adventure At Fagali’I Airport

Fagali’I Airport is not exactly a well-known transportation hub, and it most certainly isn’t one of the largest in the world. In fact, it is little more than a regional airstrip sitting at the western end of the island of Upolu. Don’t let the small size and obscure location fool you, however, if you are traveling through the Samoan Islands you will want to make sure that Fagali’I is on your itinerary, not because it is especially remarkable but because it is your gateway to a different kind of island vacation.

Upolu is the smaller of the two largest islands in the archipelago, and home to more than 135,000 people. The capital city of the island is Apia, which is on the northern coast. According to, Apia is the largest community on the island and is where you will find most of the larger hotels, and the majority of the main attractions. The most notable of this is the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum, which is located at the writer’s former home, a large mansion on the edge of town. Apia is also where you will find the cathedral of the immaculate conception of Mary, a church considered by many to be the most beautiful in the south pacific.


In the area surrounding the Fagali’I Airport you will also find a wealth of things to do. The smaller villages and medium-size town in the area provide access to incredible cuisine, pristine beaches, and of course cultural activities that truly embody the history and lives of the Samoan people. Make sure that you visit the Samoan Cultural Village, as well as take a trip to see some of the stunning waterfalls and sea pools in the area according to

No trip to Samoa would be complete without at least a day or two on Upolu and Fagali’I Airport makes that easy. With inter-island service all over the archipelago as well as international connection service to Pago Pago and American Samoa, flights are easy to find. The airport itself has in recent years undergone a major renovation, moderation, and expansion that provides a myriad of services and features that you normally would find only at major international hubs. The trip between the airport and the populated areas is also easy to accommodate thanks to the economical and abundant taxi service offerings.

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Rocketship Education and its Response to Media

According to an article on, Rocketship Education administration was not impressed by NPR’s unbalanced profile about the charter network. The story by NPR covered alleged malpractices of the network, but has largely been criticized by Rocketship supporters and journalist for its lack of balance and breadth. Also, the NPR piece has been criticized for failing to paint the network’s complete and fair picture. To begin with, the author of the story claimed that it was an “in-depth” coverage of the network’s internal practices and yet it did not compare Rocketship Education with other neighboring schools for readers to have a balanced view. The report only relied on the network’s problematic practices to bring out a story that was completely out of context. In fact, it was quite evident that other charter networks also face similar challenges.

According to Richard Whitmire, a long-term Rocketship author and journalist, other school networks have ritualistic protocols, tight discipline, high pressure, and long hours like Rocketship Education. Therefore, it was unfair for NPR to only target the Rocketship Network in its reporting. It was quite evident that NPR was out to destroy the network’s impressive reputation. The practices are not in any way unique to Rocketship Education as the NPR piece tried to portray. In fact, Whitmire signaled out Success Academy and KIPP as other charter school networks with similar practices to Rocketship Education. The network has always received a lot of attention after its decision to adopt a tech-heavy model. Therefore, the narrow nature of the piece makes the story to lose its credibility. The article constantly referred to Rocketship Education as a “company” in order to portray it as being privatization-oriented or commercial.

Rocketship Education Bio

Rocketship Education is a network of non-profit charter schools based in California. The network was established in 2006 by Preston Smith and John Danner, but the first school was opened in 2007 in San Jose. The charter schools were formed to serve disadvantaged communities in the country. Currently, the network has over 13 schools with close to one thousand employees. The network relies on grants from well-wishers to fund its activities hence providing low-income students with an opportunity to get an education.

How Organo Gold Differentiates From The Competition

Organo Gold is a Richmond, BC-based company that sells its products through a direct marketing network. They sell mostly tea and coffee products although they do have some personal care products as well like toothpaste. How they differentiate themselves from all the other coffee and tea brands out there on the market is that theirs are infused with mushroom powder, in specific Ganoderma mushrooms. Read the reviews at

Drinking coffee or tea with a fungus in it can seem like a rather odd decision at first glance. However, this particular mushroom has been used in traditional Asian medicine since around 2000 BC. Bernardo (Bernie) Chua is one of the co-founders of Organo Gold and grew up in the area in China where Ganoderma mushrooms are grown and harvested. Studies into these mushrooms indicate it has high levels of anti-oxidants which has health benefits. Visit Bizfluent to know more about Organo Gold.

In the first year of Organo Gold being in business they sold $2 million worth of products. This increased to $9 million in the following year, $40 million the year after that, and more than $100 million in the next year. In 2013 they sold $215 million worth of tea and coffee products.

Organo Gold has been expanding internationally since 2014. They now have executives in countries like Singapore, Peru, Japan, and a number of Southeast Asian nations. They have independent contractors who sell their products in these countries as well plus others around the world. Organo Gold has a compensation plan that gets better as their independent contractors sell larger quantities.


Drew Madden Innovative Policies Needed in Lowering the Cost of Healthcare

The healthcare sector in the United States occupies a situation where no one understands whether to appreciate the services offered or complain about the high cost. Although the services provided are professional and patients have been reporting positive outcomes after receiving medication in the country, the cost of drugs remains high. Statistics indicate that patients in the state are spending roughly $3 trillion for treatment purposes. However, life expectancy in the United States remains lower than in other countries which are paying much lower money than us in their healthcare industry.

Improving healthcare industry in the United States is not a natural step but it severe and complicated actions need to be undertaken to streamline the complex challenges that face us. One of the factors that should be implemented is the complete adoption of technology in our systems such that we hospitals can be able to store all records of an individual. This will help in determining the illness history of a person while comparing with those of the family members or people living in a specific region. Therefore, an information database program needs to be developed so that we can treat people comprehensively and help them cut the cost of healthcare.

Consulting experts like Drew Madden is one of the critical steps that we should start in finding the cure for inflated healthcare services in the country. Drew Madden is an IT expert who has worked with various organizations such as Nordic Consulting, Cerner Corporation, and Evergreen Healthcare Partners. His knowledge in information technology programs will go a long way in improving our systems such that they are modern and capable enough to store information about illnesses facing our country.

Innovative programs will highlight where we have been overspending and where we need to invest while focusing on a long-term strategy of reducing the cost of healthcare in the country. Currently, the sky rocking health costs and the prices demanded prescription medicine leave a lot to be desired. Innovative policies will need to be implemented as soon as possible before some of the low-income earners start experiencing hardships in accessing the already expensive healthcare plans.