Larkin & Lacey Fund: DACA Is Paramount for the Youth

The DACA program has been in the United States for a while now, and it has already managed to make a significant positive impact in the lives of millions of immigrant youth who are living in the United States. The program has become very powerful in the country, and it has earned the trust of many youths. The institution mostly focuses on taking care of the special needs of the youth who immigrate and settle in the United States while looking for greener pastures. The founders of the powerful organization believe that the immigrant youth who are living in the country deserve great opportunities, just like the American citizens. DACA has experienced a lot of success since it was brought into the market, and it has received support from many human rights organizations in the world.


One of the institutions that have been supporting the DACA program is known as the Frontera Fund. The organization was established a couple of years ago by respectable journalists who had experienced injustice in the hands of powerful politicians in the nation. The two professionals were taken to jail and forced to spend the night because they published information about Joe Arpaio, a sheriff who was famed for his power. The public fought and demonstrated for several hours, and this forced the people responsible for the arrest to release them. The money that was given to the journalists as compensation has been used to start the Frontera Fund so that it could offer other similar institutions the support they deserve. The leaders of the organization have been instrumental in the success of the institution.


The DACA program has been receiving a lot of critics under the new government. According to a recent report from the government, the program should be abolished, and the people who have been receiving support from the institution should not be allowed to renew their work or study permits. This only means that the government wants all the immigrants to go back to their home country. The Frontera Fund is against this idea, and it has vowed to fight for the immigrants and make sure that they remain in the country while they study or work.


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