Steve Lesnard Understands Digital Marketing

Steve Lesnard is a graduate of Babson College where he attained a Master of Business and Entrepreneurship and a Master in Business Administration. He has held a number of successful positions in global marketing, including General Manager and Global Vice President for Nike, giving him first hand experience of how to market products in today’s digital world.

A company’s ability to understand how their products will add real value to customers’ lives is what Steve Lesnard sees as the starting point in creating products. An understanding of what kind of customers are being targeted is also essential.

Steve Lesnard has defined two key principles that will lead to successful marketing. First of all it is important to keep the message simple and memorable. This is not as easy as it may sound and why talented marketers are so valuable. Highlighting how the product will benefit the customer, especially in new ways that will attract the consummer’s attention, is what will lead to sales. When Apple used “10k songs in your pocket” to advertise the iPod, it certainly caught peoples’ attention in a way that made them invision themselves with music always with them on the go.

The second principle that Steve Lesnard values is to bring the product to life by making it clear how the customer would use the product, how they would look using it, how others look using it. For this phase of advertising it is so important to pick the right people to broadcast the message. Using famous people who relate to the age groups in question, as well as praise from consummers in general, are just two ways that the digital age can get the message across to customers in ways that static advertising through magazines and even today’s television cannot match.

Mathew Fleeger Incorporates Strategic Planning as Pivotal in Success of Gulf Coast Western Limited


Strategic planning is an important skill to a business leader because it helps in strategy formulation, implementation and evaluation. It is through strategic planning that Mathew Fleeger has been able to push the needs and interests of Gulf Coast Western, an oil and gas exploration company, covered. In every business, planning is an important recipe for success. There is no company that can succeed without planning in advance on how to handle various aspects of the business and how to move forward in general.

As the president and the chief executive officer of Gulf Coast Western Limited, Mathew Fleeger is involved in the daily operations of the company. This means that he understands the challenges and opportunities that the field experts gets to experience as they continue with their research and exploration activities. By being in direct contact with the workers, Fleeger is able to formulate various strategic plans that will see the company maximize on the opportunities available while at the same time minimizing exposure to risks.

One of the strategic plans that Mathew Fleeger has been able to formulate and implement at Gulf Coast Western is the use of advanced technology in oil and gas exploration. It is important to highlight that a considerable number of companies have been using old technology to explore gases and oils. This is a strategy that has been adopted with the aim of lowering exploration expenses but it has proven not reliable as it has very low output.

Besides incorporating technology in the operations of Gulf Coast Western Limited, Mathew Fleeger has been pivotal in engaging other related and unrelated businesses in the entire industry. He is focused on ensuring that there is a good working environment that can support the operations of any company. This explains why Joint Venture has been able to enter into agreements with various oil and gas exploration companies in the United States.

The Academy Of Art University Is The Only Higher Arts Institute To Incorporate NCAA Athletics

The fine arts have expanded greatly with the rise of technology and greater institutions like the Academy Of Art University. Located in San Fransisco, the Academy Of Art University is a private art school that was founded back in 1929 by Robert Stephens, except it was an art advertising school back then. Today, the academy has roughly 12 thousand annual students with a staff of nearly 1500, including full-time and part-time teachers.

As of 2016, the Academy Of Art University has an acceptance rate or 100 percent with open admissions for everyone. The main campus of the institute is located in the South Market district on New Montgomery Street and remains one of the largest property owners in the entire state of California.

The reputation of the Academy Of Art University grew over the years, but it wasn’t until Robert Stephens daughter took over the institute in 1992 that it became really popular. The number of students before her presidency was around two thousand, and within 20 years she managed to bring that number up to 18 thousand.

Currently, the Academy Of Art University maintains roughly 25 different subjects to study with the capacity to offer associate, bachelors, and master’s degrees to its students. A few of the courses are available as online courses only to students as well.

Unlike the other one thousand plus other higher art institutes in the United States today, the Academy Of Art University has incorporated athletics alongside art and proudly accepts students who want to pursue both. Students compete in the NCAA Division II and are known as the ART U Urban Knights. A total of 16 teams make up the Urban Knights and includes baseball, soccer, track and field, golf, softball, cross country, tennis, and volleyball, both for men and women.

The Academy Of Art University first incorporated its athletics program in 2007, and by 2012 the Urban Knights joined the NCAA Division II as full members. Both art and athletics are complementary to each other and give students the ability to prepare for success on many levels later in life, thus the institute has decided it will remain a core part of the university.

Boraie Development Continues to Rise and Shine

Boraie Development offers services that are mainly focused on the real estate market and development. The whole management of the company is committed to providing exceptional customer service to all of their clients as well as building and creating excellent properties all over the city.

A new and luxurious residential tower has been located in New Brunswick, New Jersey. It has opened for leasing and is looking for individuals who are ready to experience how great it is to live in The Aspire. The neighborhood and the whole city is surrounded by the latest entertainment and dining options and upscale nightlife. A number of young individuals were seeking for a design that is contemporary when it comes to renting and has found the ultimate convenience that they were searching for after all this time in The Aspire.

The former National Basketball Association Star known as Shaquille O’Neal has always been positive about real estate development partnership. He exerted all of his time and effort as well as his investment by partnering with Boraie Development in building his new and luxurious apartment namely Shaq Towers. He grew up in Newark and the place has always been special for him. Shaquille O’ Neal partnered with one of the top real estate company in New Jersey and has made the city beautiful once again.

Ara Chackerian Breaks Through Healthcare and Tech

Ara Chackerian is a renowned entrepreneur living in San Francisco, California. He is currently the general partner at Limoapa Teak, the Director at TMS Health Solutions, and sits on the Board of Directors at PipelineRx. Ara went to Florida State University, acquiring a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing.

Bridging healthcare and tech

The philanthropic entrepreneur is actively involved in transforming healthcare services through technological interventions. He invests in healthcare start-ups that envision the revolution of the sector. Transcranial stimulation is Ara Chackerian’s innovation. The technique aims at easing various mental health disorders.

Ara is passionate about the youth and the environment. He looks forward to an era in which most health solutions are eco-friendly and provide vast employment opportunities for young adults and youths. A typical venture that caters for both of these concerns is his Limoapa Teak farm in Nicaragua. A good number of youths are employed there. Then again, the farm uses agricultural techniques that protect rather than degrade the natural environment.

The Idea behind TMS Health Solutions

Ara states that the organization stems from a spirited effort to provide efficient solutions in the psychiatric sector. While exploring other areas to build experience in, a long-term partner suggested treating depression. Transcranial magnetic stimulation was the first device they chose to explore hence the birth of TMS.

Sufficient market research suggested that transcranial magnetic stimulation would perhaps rise into the three pillars in psychiatric care, joining talk therapy and medication. The treatment delivered great results especially for patients with great depressive disorder, at least for a start.TMS had been approved by the FDA in 2008, but there was little awareness of the treatment. Some of the challenges the technique faced in its inception are:

  • The scarcity of skilled personnel makes it hard to hire and retain operational staff
  • Limitations in insurance cover policies
  • Challenges in coordinating the venture

Ara Chackerian intended to create a solution that is patient-centered. This came to life in TMS Health Solutions.


Gino Pozzo, who owns Watford club has been a great achiever in improving the level of performance in any club he got an opportunity to coach. This has made him a great legend ever spoken about in Europe sports to date.He was brought up with a great passion in a good environment for football. All these have been created through his mother’s good relationship with the football president then. When he attained the age of 18, he went to US for masters studies in Harvard and later relocated to Barcelona immediately he got married. When the 20 years were over, he migrated to London.

The love of football seemed to be dominant in Pozzo’s family as in that they loved investing in football clubs and made huge returns. In fact it appeared to be genetic. They just began the long journey as carpenters followed by investment in electrical energy sector and later majored in football club investment at the expense of woodwork.

Gino testifies of their love for football and refers to his father as the genesis of their strong passion and love for football. That make him the best focused football owner in Europe. He applies great tactics by involving the local society in driving the club forward. Indeed, since he owned the club, there is great achievement.

He has also tirelessly worked hard to expand the family’s club by acquiring the bankrupt clubs at all cost. He also involved in the club’s sanctions and activities pertaining its expansion. The purchasing of Watford happened in 2012 and immediately an improvement was witnessed. Gino even decided to relocate to London just to ensure good management of the club.

The club has made great steps ahead of others in terms of prestige and performance. This increased the number of football clubs owned by the family to three. To date, Watford is still maintaining its threats to the competing clubs.


To conclude, Watford is a club to be always proud of as a fan because of its promising and visionary leadership. You should join the tans.

Article Title: Heather Parry’s Dedication for Music Knows No Bounds

For almost a decade, Live Nation has been the definitive music hub for fans to stay connected with their favorite musicians. As the company’s diversified its production from live concerts to digital content, its Chief Content Officer Heather Parry has paved an exciting path for Live Nation’s expansion into film and television.

Heather Parry

When Parry became president of Live Nation’s entertainment division in late 2015, she didn’t waste time utilizing her direct access to music’s biggest stars and distribution partners. Spearheading a bold range of documentaries, Live Nation Productions went to work producing multiple features including Eagles of Death Metal’s return to Paris after a terrorist attack killed 130 fans, the rise of Sean Comb’s prolific Bad Boy label, and an unvarnished look at Lady Gaga’s life. With a career spanning twenty-two years in the entertainment industry, Parry’s vision for telling stories has changed the game for musicians.

Never one to stay in her comfort zone, Parry recognized mainstream potential producing director and actor Bradley Cooper’s “A Star Is Born.” After reaching out to Cooper’s agent and pitching her department’s limitless promotional resources, the collaboration became an invaluable asset to connect the film to music aficionados. The tragic love story of two singers grappling with fame and substance abuse garnered eight Academy Award nominations, while the drama’s popular radio hit “Shallow” broke records as the most awarded song in history.

With boundless determination, Parry’s passionate drive has proven to be an undeniable force for music, film, and television. Live Nation Productions aims to honor musicians’ journeys by offering an unfiltered dive into their experiences. If there’s an artist with a fascinating story to share, it’s a sure bet Parry will do everything she can to help them tell it.


End Of Article

The Home of Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran, the current Executive Chairman of QI Group, was born in Malaysia in 1960. Throughout his childhood, Vjay’s family moved throughout the country much during his childhood. After high school, he moved to the U.K. where he worked as a cab driver to pay for his university education. He graduated from the London School of Economics with a degree in socioeconomics in 1984, immediately taking a break for a full year to tour Europe. During this time he spent an entire month in a Franciscan monastery taking a vow of silence.

After finally returning to the U.K., he spent time learning binary system marketing and obtained his professional qualification from Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. In 1986 he moved to the U.S. and earned an MBA from the Southern Illinois University. During this same time, he became involved in multilevel marketing for the first time. In 1998 he returned home to Malaysia and founded Qi Group. The Qi Group of Companies includes businesses in education, hospitality, direct selling, financial services, and retail.

Qi Group is currently based in Hong Kong and maintains offices in Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. In addition, they maintain some sort of presence in ten countries. Today, Qi has a revenue of more than $1 billion every year. During his years in this role, he has also founded the RYTHM Foundation and the Vijayaratnam Foundation. He serves as Chairman of the Council of the Quest International University. This is a university which Qi Group started in 2008. Today it remains owned and run by the State Government of Perak and Qi Group.

He has also written and published a number of books. Eswaran is an active philanthropist, frequently giving money and time to projects involving private and public medical services. He occasionally gives to other philanthropic projects.

Sound Engineer, Clay Hutson found Success in Rock n Roll

An icon producer and renowned businessman in the music industry, Clay Hutson has built a reputation for himself. He brings his creativity, innovation, and talents in music. His artist skills are incomparable. Clay Hutson is a super-achieving artist. Pretty short after graduating from college he was lucky enough to secure employment.

Clay Hutson Incomparable Skills

He has work in a capacity of sound engineer. This has sharpened his skills to a greater magnitude. More also he has a serve as project manager for various companies. Clay Hutson acquired vast experience that thrilled him to establish his entrepreneurship path by arranging lives performance.

Clay Hutson has an undeniable sense of human, and he is a good communicator. His words are enchanting and persuasive. Working with Billy Graham, he toured across the globe. Clay Hutson is charming and knows how to move the crowd. He has a powerful sense of himself and strives to achieve the impossible.

Clay Hutson is self-driven and determined. He is passionate about entertainment. He devotes his time, zeal and enthusiasm for managing, designing and producing. His devotion to rock n roll helped him in unleashing his potential.

Clay Hutson Idea to venture into Entrepreneurship

Clay Hutson is gifted with powers to turn ideas into reality. He is ambitious and goal oriented, he follows his intuition, and he is not swayed way from achieving his objectives and goals. His is a risk taker. Clay previous experience helped him to run his business with minimum hiccups successfully. His ingenuity helps in bringing new ideas into the industry. In his entire career, Clay has had an opportunity to work music celebrities.

Clay Hutson works toward correcting his mistakes that may comprise his future career. He dedicates his time in organizing a performance to give the best to his fun. He works harmoniously with his crew through thorough planning. Embracing new technology, his fans enjoy music.

He is a leader to look upon, he leads by example, and he arrives as the first person in a performance venue and ensures the equipment is well set before the start of any event. He diligently delegates duties among the crew to avoid confusion that may arise. Clay Hutson lives a balanced life his family comes first and loves spending free time with them.

Louis R Chenevert- The Productive President, Chair and CEO of Several Companies in the USA

Louis Chenevert is currently the chief executive officer (CEO) and also the chairman of United Technology Corporation. He is a graduate from University of Montreal’s with a degree in bachelor of business commerce. His home country is United States of America Farmington region in Connecticut location. He is mostly based in the east coast of New England in the united states.

In April the year 2008, Louis Chenevert was chosen as the president of United technology corporations. Later on, in January the year 2010, he has added on top the seat as the chairman of the same company. Before he was elected as the president and chairman of the united technologies, since March 2006, he has always held the seat of the president and the chief operating officer in the same company. Nevertheless, from April 1999 all the way to March 2006, he has been the president in Pratt and Whitney company.

On before he joined the Pratt and Whitney company, Louis Chenevert was the general manager in General Motors. He joined general motors in the year 1993 and he worked there for about 14 years. In Business Roundtable, Louis Chenevert is also a member of the executive committee. His work there is chairing fiscal policy and tax committee. In addition to that, he is also a member of the business council and also a member of the “US-India Forum”.

In Cargill company, which is the “congregational medal of honor foundation “, Louis serves in the desk of the board of directors. However, the Chairs “Yale cancer center Advisory board”. Chenevert was also introduced as a member of AIAA which is the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. He also holds a place in the university he schooled in as the chairman in the university`s international advisory board. He is the founding director and also leads the board of directors in the University of Montreal (HEC).


Louis Chenevert has a very strong personality as far as leadership and management is concerned. This has enabled him to secure very senior positions in several companies as seen from the biography.